Skydiving, The-Great-Wall-Of-China

March 25, 2013 — 4 Comments

Today (March 22nd) it’s my birthday.  I thought I would have more to say when I sat down to write this evening, but I don’t!  I’m, just…so… thankful!

At 31 years of age I’m constantly thinking about WHO I’m becoming and the choices I make vs. WHAT I’ll do.  It seems those little choices over 31 years have made up the whole of today.  It’s beautiful…it’s sobering…It’s motivating! Ironically, I’ve been blessed to do some amazing things in my life.  How that has happened I don’t know, but I’m glad!

“I count him braver who overcomes his desire than him who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is over self.” Aristotle

As I look ahead I’m remembering some wisdom that was taught to me years ago, “The Four Initiations of a Man.”




*King–The King is the integration and recapitulation of the other three: Warrior, Sage, and Lover. He holds them all together in a grand display of balance, wholeness, and power…so much so that he can risk looking powerless.

I’m convinced that “God’s business” on planet earth is made up of the small things in life, like the intentions of your thoughts- or acts of kindness that no one will ever see.  I know we never truly “arrive” and that we’re always growing, but I’ve learned without intentionality you can get lazy in any area of life.  My birthdays are always a time for me to revisit my personal goals as a man.

This year I’m revisiting “The Four Initiations of a Man” to be challenged, grow, and hopefully become more of WHO I believe God made me to be.

Over the next few blogs I’ll share with you what I’ve learned for each sub-category.  Until then here’s a video from last year when I turned 30.  I don’t have a video from this year yet ;))

4 responses to Skydiving, The-Great-Wall-Of-China


    SEAN! Happy birthday friend!! That was the first time that I had seen that skydiving video! so awesome!!


    Happy Birthday Sean!! My Dad visited the Great Wall during WW ll, those pictures that he showed me are still clear to me today after seeing you there! Hv fun Big Guy and thank you again for your help with Deean’s cancer fund!! Lv U Uncle Bill


    Happy birthdayyyyyyyy! (Bring it on, 31…)


    this. rocks. seriously such an epic tale that God has granted you! it’s inspiring. i’ve always wanted to sky-dive, but to do so on a birthday milestone must be an even cooler fete!

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