Help my family, please!

February 26, 2013 — 1 Comment

Thank you for taking the time to read what my mother has written below and for watching this video!

“Not much could slow down my sister in law Deean Marsh, but cancer did.  Deean Marsh currently 51 years old, was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in June of 2011.  She underwent a mastectomy in July and started Kemo treatments through the end of the year. In February of 2012 she had her parathyroid removed.   In September of 2012 she has been diagnosed with stage 4 bone cancer and also a cancerous lump in her other breast; she received kemo treatments on a weekly basis.  Currently February of 2013 the doctor has found cancer in her liver; her treatment is now focused on the cancerous liver spots where she is undergoing a new treatment.  This new treatment is very expensive and not totally covered by insurance.

The purpose of the “Deean Marsh Cancer Fund” is to seek donations for help with the medical expenses or any other expenses related to her cancer.  Her insurance does not cover 100% and this has put a huge financial strain on her household.

If you are that person who makes regular trips to Starbucks or any coffee shop; think of skipping just that one trip and give to Deean’s cancer fund.  I have known Deean for 32 years and she is not a taker,  she is a giver and the most loving person I know.

Help Deean fight cancer; any donation will be appreciated greatly.

Thank you for finding it in your hearts to give towards this worthy cause.”

–Patricia Smith


No matter if you can contribute financially or not.  PLEASE    *PRAY*SHARE*TWEET*EMAIL*FB*WITH-FRIENDS.


One response to Help my family, please!


    Thank you Sean for a day with you and your special kindness in this wonderful video!
    Love You Big Guy!! Uncle Bill

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